Square Plate Flat

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  • Square Plate flat

    10 inch Square Plate Flat


    Areca nut leaves which are fallen from the trees are used to manufacture areca nut products using eco friendly process. The fallen leaves are natural recourses. Areca nut products are biodegradable & compostable because

  • Square Plate flat

    6 inch Square Plate Flat


    Areca nut products are suitable for hot, cold and oily foods. These products are heat resistant and oven-proof and 100% hygienic, weightless, environment eco friendly and bio degradable. Areca nut products are thick and

  • Square Plate flat

    8 inch Square Plate Flat


    Areca nut Products are manufactured using Areca nut leaf plate making machines. We manufacture areca nut leaf products using machines.  We have team of skilled professionals who have a wide experience in making areca nut leaf